"Proactive, Organized...Integral in Growth of my business"

 "Shemeka is one of the most proactive, well organized people I have ever met. We have been working together for about two years, and she has be integral in the growing of my business, particularly in respect to designing and maintaining operational and administrative processes. I feel like Shemeka is always two steps ahead of me, both in thinking, planning, and in action. She has helped with marketing, social media, direct outreach / email marketing, designing payment and logistic processes, scheduling processes and administration, mail merges, contact management and more. I would strongly recommend working with Shemeka" 

"Works in a very Efficient, & Systemized way...Shemeka Gets It!!"


I was nervous about the idea of working with someone who was not in my physical space. However my experience with Shemeka quickly eased any & all fears. Shemeka is organized, communicates effectively and works in a very efficient and systematized way. 

When building your team and hiring support staff, you want someone who understands your needs.  And Shemeka gets it! To my surprise she has been able to support me even though my work is in an industry she has not worked in prior.” 

"Added Value, Generate Solutions, Increased Productivity"


Shemeka has added tremendous value over the past years. I have very quickly reduced my meeting frequency with Shemeka because she learned my needs so rapidly.  She is highly responsive to feedback and she is a fast learner. I probably tell someone about Shemeka’s work once a week and I consistently mention the amount of time Shemeka has created in my schedule.  She manages tasks for me that free up significant time and more importantly that freedom gives me larger, contiguous blocks of work time during which I’ve seen my productivity increase. 

Her work is accurate, she is detail-oriented, and she is proactive in her communication. Finally, she has taken my sometimes vague instructions and generated solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Shemeka for anyone looking to enhance their personal or professional productivity through the vehicle of administrative support."

"Caring, Enthusiastic, Competent & Reliable Assistance"


Working with Shemeka has been a delight, she has helped my entire business and a brought a sense of cohesion and we have progressed immensely! Prior to working with Shemeka I had never used a virtual administrative consultant and was very hesitant. It is hard enough to find people nearby to care enough about your business, let alone someone in another state whom I only know virtually. 

Shemeka’s enthusiasm and work ethic continues to surprise me as she always goes above and beyond her job requirements to make sure my client communication is flowing well and is continuing to improve. She has proven to be more tech savvy than I, and I very much appreciate her suggesting that I move my client communication over to Google voice for more efficiency. She has also helped me get a regular newsletter going. 

​I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from my clients regarding her professionalism and customer service abilities and would not hesitate to recommend her services to any business professional who needs competent and reliable assistance!"

“Reliable & Thorough"

"​I could summarize my impression of Shemeka in one word: reliable. She never misses a deadline, delivers all work asked of her in the greatest detail, and is incredibly thorough. Shemeka is someone who cares about details. Whether it is clarifying company processes or providing reports, she always strives to make sure everyone is on the same page. In closing, Shemeka is a joy to work with and I would love to see her coach other administrative professionals as I think everyone could benefit from adopting her work style: 100% above reproach."

“Terrific, Consistent & Supportive”

 ​Shemeka has been a tremendous help to me as I am establishing my small business. She has created a process to help with scheduling clients, marketing materials, invoices/quotes/service request documents, and whatever I have requested or anything she felt that I need to operate my business best. She also offers very helpful consulting for my business for growth and profitability. Three words that I would use to describe her service is terrific, consistent and supportive." 

"Very Thorough, Excellent in Administrative consulting"

 Shemeka assisted me in the creation of web design quote forms and contracts. She asked me questions about my business that I didn't think about and was able to provide additional information to help structure my business. She is very thorough and does an excellent job with administrative consulting and creating business documents."  


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